Security solutions

We can support your business with many aspects of security ranging from secure VPN's to high level IP CCTV systems.

Secure remote access

Providing secure remote access for employees has many benefits. However, unless you have staff with the relevant knowledge it can prove costly and difficult to manage a solution. With Skyline's Managed Remote Access service empowering your staff while they're out of the office couldn't be easier.

Managed firewall

To reduce the risk from outside hackers we can deploy either an onsite physical hardware firewall device that we will manage remotely or we can centralise security for your site from within the Skyline network. The security deployed will often depend on your companies exact setup so if you are interested in seeing how we can help please give us a call.

Secure offsite backup

The days of backing up all your critical data to tapes which are then taken offsite are long gone. Many companies now make use of secure off site storage to backup all the companies essential data. With Skyline we are able to not only backup your data but as we control the network we can burst you traffic to allow your backup to complete in a fraction of the time. The quicker a backup can be done the less chance of the backup failing. No other ISP offers this flexibility.

Surveillance and physical access

Using state of the art systems we have deployed security solutions which are so clear that they have already been key to successful convictions. Because every solution we deploy is different it's best to call us to discuss exactly whay you need to achieve.

Call today to find out how our services can change the way your company uses the net to do business.

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